How Does Maintenance Source , Inc. Work?

1.It all starts with the 1 Client Work Order Form. This œone form is completed by the client and submitted to Maintenance Source, Inc. via fax, e-mail or directly through our website. A Verbal request can also be made through our 24 hour Company Hotline.

2.A Maintenance Source, Inc. Project Coordinator will then forward a work request to an appropriate vendor or vendors for completion while closely monitoring the request throughout the projects completion.

3.When the project is complete all vendor invoices are sent directly to Maintenance Source, Inc. for review and approval and one simple and single monthly invoice complete with back-up documenation detailing the request is issued to the client for one monthly payment.

It's as easy as 1,2,3!

Protecting Your Company 

There are legal and liability issues that should be taken into consideration and important questions that should be asked when choosing a service provider.  Regardless if you lease or own your building,  you should always verify that potential vendors have the proper insurance and workers compensation coverage. Coverage requirements often vary, so it is a good practice to consult your property manager or company's risk manager before allowing any work to begin.

Safety and Security 

Do you know if your potential vendor has an above average safety rating? It'€™s important to know. Vendors should have a fully operational Safety Program that addresses OSHA and environmental issues. 

What Can I Expect with Maintenance Source, Inc.?

 24 Hour Emergency Service
 Network of Pre-Qualified Vendors 
 Convenient Service Request Process
 One Single Point of Contact
 Clear and Accurate Cost Accounting
 Safety, Security and Peace of Mind
 Experience With a Good Attitude 

How Can Maintenance Source, Inc. Have Such A large Network of Service Providers?

It'€™s simple, with over 30 years in business as a general contractor, we have been helping our clients with everything from emergency flood repairs to the delivery of an antique horse carriage to a west Texas hotel. There isn't much we haven'€™t seen or done.  If you can think of it, we have done it, or at least know someone who has.

Our staff consists of not only carpenters and contractors but also facility managers and project managers. We come from all industries and backgrounds and have developed our own networks of service providers.  

Experience Counts!

Will I Pay More for Services with Maintenance Source , Inc.?

While Maintenance Source, Inc. continually negotiates for lower rates, the true measure of savings is actually in the time saved by you, your staff and accounting personnel. Time is money: Locating, qualifying and coordinating vendors is time consuming.

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